Listing on Jewex

Listing is the procedure of including a coin/token in the list of crypto assets admitted to trading.

If you are the owner, developer or official representative of the coin, You can apply for a listing on Jewex in a few minutes.

If your coin is based on Bitcoin technology, the cost of integration starts from 2 BTC. If Your coin is based on any other technology, the cost of integration is considered in each individual case. To do this, you need to fill out the form on the listing. We kindly ask you to provide all necessary and complete information about your coin (see below).

The coin will be integrated into the Jewex exchange if technically possible, as well as compliance with several conditions specified below.

Project requirements

When sending a request to add a coin to the exchange, you must provide the following data:

  • link to the official website of the coin;
  • link to the official git repository of your node;
  • link to bitcointalk topic or another similar forum, or a link to your own forum;
  • reference to the Explorer unit, which should function normally;

! Make sure your git repository contains the technical guide to compile and configure the node.

The developer of the coin undertakes to promptly notify the exchange of any technical problems/changes in the coin, nodes, block explorer. Besides, the developer is obliged to notify the exchange of the planned forks in advance.

In case of loss of funds due to technical problems with the node or forks, the developer is responsible for this.

How we conduct the risk-analysis of coin/token

Jewex carries out careful control of compliance of projects with the conditions and requirements established by the exchange. After receiving your application, we study White paper and public information about the team, analyze the state of social networks and the activity of the community. An important step is to study the branch in a public unmodeled source and source code.

Why Jewex may refuse a listing? We value our reputation and will not support your project if you have: knowingly fraudulent coin, negative reputation and/or low liquidity.

How to make payment

After the initial consideration of Your application, You will be asked to make a payment to these details, if there is a technical possibility of integration Your coin. The integration process of your coin is considered to be started at 00:00 UTC on the next working day after the payment is received by the representatives of the exchange. Coins based on Bitcoin technology are integrated within 3-5 business days.

The term of adding coins, which are based on other technologies, varies in each individual case. The term of adding such coin depends on the quality of documentation to your node and the speed of feedback in case of technical questions from our specialists.

Any questions? Write to [email protected] and we will tell all and even more!

If are you sure that your crypto asset is required to be traded on our exchange? Fill out the form for listing!

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